The conference room ZENTX designed for SCE, showing decorative ceiling panels and wall art
Conference Room Inspiration from Mid-Michigan Companies

How do you feel about meetings? Chances are, whether you hate them or think they’re great, you participate in a lot of them. And the bigger your company gets, the more important…

Loons Timeline and Artifact
How Many Years Should a Corporate Timeline Wall Cover?

Corporate timeline walls are a fun, effective way to tell a company’s story. They can show you exactly how a business grew from humble origins to its current size. They sum up…

Closeup of dark blue dimensional elements on reflective signage
How Dimensional Elements Make Signage Stand Out

“The devil is in the details.”  Ever hear that saying?  It’s a good reminder to watch out for the little things before they trip you up. But there’s a flip side to…

Quote wall reading "the only way to coast is downhill," created by ZENTX for Saginaw Control and Engineering's offices
Perking Up Your Office with a Quote Wall

Whatever you think of #MotivationMonday, there’s no denying the appeal of inspirational quotes. We love them ourselves — if you follow us on Instagram, you already know that. Every other week, we…

SVSU Donor Wall
Why to Invest in Unique Donor Walls

You’ll find them in sports stadiums, hospitals, all over college campuses. They decorate parks, performing arts venues, and philanthropic offices. Can you guess what we have in mind? Yep, it’s donor walls….

Sign behind SCE's front desk backlit in blue light; sign reads "Saginaw Control and Engineering: Your Enclosure Source"
How to Design a Creative Lobby for Your Office

Quick: what’s the first thing people see when they walk through your office’s front door? Do you have a front desk? A seating area? Any branded wall decor? What creative touches did…

War Room Sign
What’s the Purpose of Creative Wayfinding Signage?

Would you be surprised to hear that our approach to designing creative wayfinding signage has a lot in common with an ancient Roman poet named Horace?  We wouldn’t blame you — at…

Frankenmuth Insurance Hallway
How do Branded Office Environments Help?

Here’s the problem with boring offices: they can make people think creative, fun, well-decorated offices are just a luxury. After all, if work can get done in a bare-bones space, then you…

MidMichigan College World Map
Map Walls: A ZENTX Signature Solution

You might have noticed that we talk a lot about big ideas at ZENTX. It’s even in our tagline: “Big ideas. Big solutions.” Why, you ask? For starters, because we love using…

High Sign Install
Ideas → Solutions: Installation

“Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” If you’ve ever taken a road trip with small children, you’ve probably heard that refrain. Maybe you’ve even done it yourself. (It’s okay, we…