Ice cream display for Cream & Sugar in the ZENTX workshop, showing artificial ice cream cones suspended between segments of the frame

Cream & Sugar

Project Description

Cream & Sugar, a local ice cream company, wanted a fun window display to attract passerby and enhance the other decorative elements in their store. ZENTX built a display frame and suspended artificial ice cream cones between each section, then installed the display in Cream & Sugar’s storefront.

We also printed and framed three large-scale canvas prints that highlight the ice cream’s origins. One canvas shows a cow, reminding viewers that dairy farms are vital to producing ice cream. Another represents the sugar side of the equation, showing two little girls enjoying ice cream while sitting in a field of sugar beets. The center canvas features a closeup of an ice cream cone, depicting the delicious results of combining cream and sugar.

  • Display frame
  • Suspension system for cones
  • Framed canvas prints

Client: Cream & Sugar Ice Cream Company

Location: Bay City, Michigan

Category: Environments

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