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Think outside the box.

Sometimes crazy awesome companies like yours like to innovate by sponsoring cool and unusual projects. And sometimes these projects require out-of-the-box ideas that take an extra dose of creative juice. Thankfully, we’re overflowing with creative juices over here at ZENTX, which makes us pretty good at handling cool and unusual ideas. And, every once and a while, companies are lucky enough to get us on board—even with projects that don’t match our specialties.

So, next time that lightbulb turns on and a crazy idea appears, consider that your signal to call us up. We’d love to hear about it. Even if it doesn’t fit in our standard repertoire, we might be willing to share the creative juices that you need to make the project happen.

To see some of our past cool and unusual work for other crazy awesome companies, take a look at the selections below.

Have Big Ideas?
We have big solutions. Contact us and share your vision for communicating your company's culture through interior environments or custom trade show exhibits. We'd love to make it a reality.