Exceptional Metals’ display on location


Project Description

EXCEPTIONAL Metals wanted an eye-catching display to provide product samples and show the variety of roofing components they manufacture. We developed and built this custom design to maximize each unit’s displaying capacity. The top half of each identical display unit rotates to show different types of products, each in its own quadrant.

By arranging the two-sided panels in an X shape, we doubled the space available for text and pictures. The design also allowed us to nest the product samples inside the display rather than hanging them on the outside. The base of each display contains a cabinet to store literature and pamphlets with more information about EXCEPTIONAL Metals’ products.

  • Five rotatable displays
  • Double-sided graphic and text panels
  • Mounted product samples

Client: EXCEPTIONAL Metals

Location: Saginaw, Michigan

Category: Exhibits, Onsite Exhibits

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