Two sections of Plastatech trade show booth display, showing products inside cubbies and on shelves


Project Description

As a manufacturer of plastic industrial products, Plastatech’s focus is on B2B contracts. Making a strong impression at trade shows is a crucial part of their marketing strategy. When the company decided to launch a new line of prefabricated geomembranes — something no other geomembrane company had done before — they asked us to create a display that would ensure their products got noticed.

Besides designing their booth as a whole, we created a unique tower of cubbies that’s a clear contrast to the typical bannerstands and tables. The blue and green colors match Plastatech’s brand colors and add liveliness to the display of neutral-colored products. Each cubby’s interior is lit from above, to make sure the products are clearly visible. Furthermore, all five cubbies can be detached from one another to help with transportation.

  • Five stacking cubbies
  • Booth design

Client: Plastatech

Location: Saginaw, Michigan

Category: Exhibits, Trade Show Booths

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