Dimensional wall art that ZENTX created for the entryway of SCE's facility

Saginaw Control and Engineering

Project Description

Saginaw Control and Engineering (SCE) has been based in Saginaw, MI since their founding in 1963. By 2019, though, they needed a second manufacturing facility to keep up with their growth. Saginaw West, as the new facility was named, would house offices as well as manufacturing.

We collaborated with a third local business, Form & Function, to create a branded environment for SCE’s new offices. We designed and built a number of elements: a map wall, decorative panels for the conference room, a timeline wall, and much more. SCE’s brilliant blue shows up in many of the elements, keeping them cohesive and on-brand.

Since SCE works in the electrical industry, we chose to nod to that by providing backlighting for many elements.  The map is lit by a rainbow of colored lights, while the main sign and the quote wall stick with one color.

Each element helps tell SCE’s story, from the timeline showing its history to the photographs featuring its manufacturing processes and the map wall showing its many locations. With the detailed, polished appearance of each element, SCE can present a professional corporate interior to its visitors and employees.

  • Company timeline
  • Map wall
  • Conference room art
  • Interior and exterior signage
  • Wall art
  • Quote wall & planter

Client: Saginaw Control and Engineering

Location: Saginaw, Michigan

Category: Environments, Spaces, Conference Rooms, Walls, Timeline Walls

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