If your family is like mine, getting together for the holidays means re-telling of stories that have been heard hundreds of times before about our family’s history. But what entrepreneurs and employees tend to forget is that businesses and organizations have histories too.  Whether your organization has been around for hundreds of years or is relatively new, a lot of work went into getting it started, maintaining it daily, and getting it to where it is today. Throughout that time period,  crucial events and decisions have happened that have gotten you to where you are at this very moment.

Memorial Healthcare Timeline 06Looking back at your triumphs and tribulations can be gratifying from an owner and employee standpoint but it can also be a great marketing strategy for your organization.  Sharing your history is something that customers love and eat up; customers who know the companies that they purchase products and services from are more loyal and are more likely to tell others about you, which is great for your organization!

Ready to get started?  Showcasing your history can be implemented in a bunch of ways.  It can be as simple as adding your company history on your website and including it in marketing materials.  But, what really is going to get customers to remember and understand your history is by visually showing them a memorable display of some sort.  Having a dedicated space, like a timeline wall or historical display, that is easily accessible to customers highlighting your past is going to capture the most attention, which is going to produce the most results for you!

Adding a timeline or historical display to your facility is easy.  Contact us at 989.695.6770 or info@zentx.com and we will work with you all the way through the process.