Closeup of product sample and support on display for Exceptional Metals
The Power of Engaging B2B Product Displays

It’s not really fair. B2B product displays have an unfortunate reputation for being…well, kind of boring. But it seems unfair for those products not to be interesting. After all, they’re carefully designed…

Tire-changing station in the Tinker Track exhibit
The ZENTX Experience: Talking with MMCM’s Sam Jones (Part Two)

When you’re building an exhibit for a kids’ museum, there’s a lot of things to keep in mind. It has to be engaging and fun to interact and/or play with, of course….

Side view of Tinker Track exhibit at Mid-Michigan Children's Museum
The ZENTX Experience: Talking with MMCM’s Sam Jones (Part One)

We’ve gotten to help build several museum displays before. As we wrote about recently, our projects have included mannequin displays, custom display cases, and large-format visual collateral. But our most recent museum…

Aerial shot of the IQhub showing several museum displays designed by ZENTX
Museum Displays: A ZENTX Signature Solution

Online museum exhibits helped a lot of people pass the time during COVID-related lockdowns. Whether it’s major museums like the Louvre or MOMA, or more specialized museums such as Los Angeles’ Fashion…

Overhead shot of custom Plastatech trade show booth display
The ZENTX Experience: Talking with Plastatech’s Sarah Griffore

If you’ve never been to a trade show, it can be hard to see how they’re helpful. Giant halls full of aisle after aisle of displays — how can any one company…

Full-length shot of custom Plastatech trade show booth display, showing all five sections of tower
The ZENTX Experience: Talking with Plastatech’s Mike Rose

Of the many areas COVID-19 has disrupted, trade shows are one of the biggest. In some ways, it’s hard to believe that just back in January and February, they were in full…

Exceptional Metals’ display on location
The ZENTX Experience: Talking with EXCEPTIONAL Metals’ Nicole Sanford

Some companies have their work cut out for them when it comes to getting people excited about their products. Everybody appreciates a gutter that works, for instance, but most of us don’t…

Top half of display for Exceptional Metals, showing graphics and product samples
The ZENTX Experience: Talking with EXCEPTIONAL Metals’ Mike Gwizdala

How much thought do you give the roof over your head? Do you ever think about all the different components that make it weatherproof? We’ll bet you don’t. And that’s not a…

Empey Kiosks
The Touchscreen Display: A ZENTX Signature Solution

What are touchscreens good for? Ok, we know that sounds like an odd question when most people carry touchscreens in their pockets. Just bear with us for a minute. We’ll talk today…

Cigna Touch Screen
The Mobile Exhibit Trailer: A ZENTX Signature Solution

Let’s be honest for a moment — “visual products,” which we pride ourselves on providing, is a really big category. It’s hard sometimes to know what exactly it includes. Just look at…