Mark and Mike Wenz standing in front of ZENTX's trade show booth
Our Origin Story: How ZENTX Media Group Started

Believe it or not, 2022 will mark ZENTX’s 25th year in business. We started all the way back in 1997 — before some of our current employees were even born. To lead…

SVSU Donor Wall
Why to Invest in Unique Donor Walls

You’ll find them in sports stadiums, hospitals, all over college campuses. They decorate parks, performing arts venues, and philanthropic offices. Can you guess what we have in mind? Yep, it’s donor walls….

One touchscreen kiosk, with stained glass windows in the background
The ZENTX Experience: Talking with First UMC’s Jon Horton (Part 2)

In a town known as ”the City of Beautiful Churches,” Midland’s First United Methodist Church (First UMC) can surely make a claim to being the most beautiful. With its mid-century modern design…

Zehnder's Taproom Wall
The ZENTX Experience: An Interview with Zehnder’s of Frankenmuth’s Al Zehnder

Our work here at ZENTX is a combination of bringing crazy ideas to life and solving problems. As we’ve discovered, one can’t go without the other. You can’t really bring crazy ideas…

Amigo Library
The ZENTX Experience: An Interview with Amigo Mobility’s Beth and Al Thieme

Many of the projects we do here at ZENTX have to do with helping our corporate customers preserve their own history. In the recent library project for Amigo Mobility International, we helped…

Amigo Library
The ZENTX Experience: An Interview with Amigo Mobility’s Jennifer Thieme Kehres

One of the best parts about what we do here at ZENTX is getting to bring joy to our customers through the work we do. Our library project for Amigo Mobility International…

Amigo Library
The ZENTX Experience: An Interview with Amigo Mobility’s Jordan Thieme

Last fall, Amigo Mobility International celebrated its 50th anniversary as a company. In honor of this special year and of Amigo’s founder, Al Thieme, the company called on our team at ZENTX…

Respect Banner
ZENTX Core Values: Putting on Respect Spectacles

Over the last several posts, we’ve closely examined the words and phrases that make up each of the core values that we espouse here at ZENTX. In this post, we turn our…

Team Banner
ZENTX Core Values: Becoming the Dream Team

What do athletes, coworkers, and a pair of horses have in common? Not sure? Okay, let’s scrap the obvious non-answers. It’s not that they sweat, that they work in an office, or…

Top Notch Banner
ZENTX Core Values: Reaching the Top Notch

Have you ever considered the number of words or phrases that people use all the time and yet have no idea where they came from? Take “God bless you,” for example. Why…