Jen Lee and Katie Horning Interview Promo

Thanks to the sort of work we do at ZENTX, our team members often get the opportunity to partner up with owners and decision makers from multiple businesses at once. Collaboration like this gives us the chance to form new relationships across company lines and to increase the diversity of our customer base. We also love seeing how our projects help bring companies together and foster team-like relationships among employees from different businesses.

In a recent project we completed at the Loons Stadium in Midland, Michigan, we collaborated with both Three Rivers Corporation and Päpé Ink. With our combined talents and efforts, we were able to successfully revamp the interior of the Three Rivers Suite overlooking the Dow Diamond. After the project was done, our sales and marketing team took the opportunity to interview two of the women who collaborated with us on the project.

You can see snippets of their interviews in this video we recently published on our YouTube channel, which you can watch below. But, in this blog post, we thought it would be fun to give you access to their full interviews. So scroll on past the video to read all of what Jen Lee of Three Rivers Corporation and Katie Horning of Päpé Ink had to say about the project. The interview was conducted by ZENTX sales rep Sheena Lovitos Wildenhaus.

Jen Lee
Jen Lee, Marketing Coordinator at Three Rivers Corporation
Jen, tell us about yourself and the project you worked on with ZENTX.

My name is Jen Lee, and I work for Three Rivers Corporation. I handle all the marketing and communication for the company. Three Rivers is a design/build commercial contractor located in the Great Lakes Bay region. The project that I worked on with ZENTX this year was the Loons Suite. We decided it’s been about eleven years, and we wanted to give it a little bit of an upgrade. They helped us put everything on the walls that is in the Loons Suite today.

What was the ZENTX experience like for you?

The ZENTX experience was awesome. It was very hands-off on my side, which made it super easy. They contacted me and said, “This is what you need to do to prep the Loons suite.” [They] gave everything in detail, [including] the timeline of when it needed to be done by, and said, “We’ll be there this date, this time [for the install].” And everything was taken care of, so it made it super easy on my side.

Katie Horning
Katie Horning, President / Creative Director at Päpé Ink
Katie, tell us about yourself and the project you worked on with ZENTX.

My name is Katie Horning, and I’m the president and creative director at Päpé Ink. Päpé Ink is a full-service design and marketing company located in Midland. The latest project I partnered with ZENTX on is the Loons Suite. And we worked through everything from coming into the suite, measuring it all out, Sheena and I talked about what we could to fit the whole project into the budget and the timeframe.

What is your favorite thing about ZENTX?

My favorite thing about working with ZENTX is always having someone to contact. So even if Sheena is not available, Mike is available, or even I know some of the installers. So no matter where we are in a project, there is somebody who can help answer any questions I may have.