Gray graphic; text reads, "The ZENTX Way: How Our Business Conducts Business."

Part 9 of 9 in a series about ZENTX’s history and values

ZENTX has a lot of core values — many of the things we’ve talked about in this series, and more besides. But what do they all look like in the day to day? How do they change the way we do business?

At the heart of it all, ZENTX’s way of doing business is about being committed. We commit to being there for our clients year after year. We commit to delivering high-quality projects that don’t exceed the budget. We commit to creating a positive work environment where good employees can stay for years if they want to.

Whether they’re our customers or our fellow employees, we strive to do our best for people. Orders, repeat customers, and good reviews take care of themselves that way.

But our founder Mark Wenz can say it a lot better than we can. He explains how we think about customer service and the way we work in this last video of our interview series. We think you’ll agree that the series ends on a high note. You’ll find the video at the bottom of the page, but the full transcript is right here.

Building Relationships with Fellow Business

Mark:  We want to build relationships with other businesses and not be one-and-done. We train sales[people] to be — “Ok, just talk to them about their needs or talk” — don’t talk anything about ZENTX.  Let’s find out what their needs are, let’s find out — find out about their family, find out about — you know, just start a relationship, a business relationship.

Because we know that we’re not the least expensive, but we will serve that company. And we’ll do things that other companies [that are more] nickel-and-dime, they won’t do that.  We give a quote, we stand behind the quote whether it costs more or not. We’re not gonna charge someone more because we made a mistake.

Fredericks Museum Donor Panels
A happy ZENTX customer in front of the donor wall we built for her organization

So anyway, so it’s relationship for us in a way, it’s relationship-building.  I feel that that’s probably a key to developing those relationships that they now are talking — that maybe the customer that we’re dealing with now is talking to this customer, or that potential other customer or someone else, networking basically.

And so I think a lot of the business has come from that. Especially being around here for a while, we know a lot of the owners, business owners in the area, because of different events we’ve done or things that we’ll go to.

Letting Our Work Speak for Itself

But most of it has been just word of mouth for the most part; it’s a matter of going out now and selling something. That’s a lot easier now because we have a nice portfolio.

At the very beginning, it was very difficult. We had prove ourselves. We don’t necessarily have to prove ourselves so much anymore. Now we’re really confident. So nowadays, usually we can just show people: “We’ve done this and this and this, these types of different projects, it’s about this much.” So it gives them ideas, as far as, “Ok, now I have an idea, I have the budget in mind.”

We’ve always been open with people. And that’s just a good way of conducting business, where we’re not trying to sneak anything in or change the prices or things like that, because word gets around pretty quick.