A company’s second largest expense is real estate. Big corporations pour millions of dollars into their facilities because they understand the power of using their spaces as message boards—showcases for their corporate personalities. They want their environments to support their vision, mission, values and goals. If they succeed, these environments help companies experience tremendous growth over time.

Environments play a huge role in affecting people’s attitudes and drive. It consciously and subconsciously influences behaviors and habits. A well-designed space could attract best talent, increase employee morale, promote confidence in the business, create a healthy atmosphere, exude professionalism, and ultimately lead to achieving higher profits. In the 21st century, interior branding is no longer a luxury but a necessity and a sound business strategy.

Corporate interior branding elements create environments that help companies present their corporate personalities. These interior pieces visually represent a corporate message. Whether it be telling the company’s story or promoting collaboration among employees, these elements serve different purposes.  

These are 5 interior branding elements that every company should have in its space:


1. Timeline Wall

A timeline wall, otherwise known as a “Historical Display,” tells the company’s story. It shows how much the company has grown over the years—perhaps from humble beginnings to unprecedented success. It acknowledges the vision of the founders and how management has fruitfully translated that vision over decades. It helps employees identify with the company and gives them confidence in the company’s future. 

Customers and visitors refer to timeline walls as convenient resources to help them learn more about the company without having to search for the information themselves. It is a purposeful exhibit that strengthens a company’s culture while paying tribute to the company’s roots.

Businesses usually install timeline walls in high-traffic areas, such as hallways or lobbies. In these locations, the company’s historical information is accessible to most people.

There are different ways to create a timeline wall depending on the budget of the business, content, materials used and scale of exhibit. 


ZENTX Lobby Design

The front of our main building gives visitors a taste of the ZENTX culture.

2. Corporate Identity Graphics and Spaces

Corporate identity graphics and spaces communicate a company’s vision, mission, values and offerings. They reinforce what the company does and what it stands for through the use of visual elements. More importantly, they solidify the directive a company seeks to promote with its brand. These elements can include interior signage, dimensional lettering, indoor exhibits, or even wall murals and vinyl. Businesses can place these graphics anywhere in the office and give them any form. They can be huge-scale exhibits or a collection of fewer pieces put together to engage the senses and establish connections that are consistent with the company’s brand identity.

In the reception area, big dimensional logos along with brand pieces create a welcoming and positive atmosphere. In office areas, vinyl displaying company values and wall murals foster creativity and engage employees as they strive toward the company’s goals. Bigger spaces and exhibits instantly leave a lasting and professional impression on visitors.

Creating a budget for these spaces could be pretty tricky! When it comes to creating a budget for these graphics, there are a lot of things to consider: type of vinyl, type of substrate, size, thickness, finishing, and fabrication.


3. Achievement Wall

Achievement walls are like the corporate equivalent of trophy cases. Rather than letting company plaques and other awards sit at the back of closets gathering dust, companies use achievement walls to display the victories of their employees. These walls give companies a chance to brighten up otherwise uninteresting walls and, at the same time, acknowledge the work of team members. This helps promote company-wide teamwork. Having these corporate trophy cases in the building also fosters an atmosphere of celebration. They allow business to draw attention to company-wide achievements, both big and small, while keeping track of past successes. Everyone appreciates recognition, and this is one of the best ways to give that recognition every day.


Magline Dry Erase Wall4. Dry Erase Wall

The cool and modern version of traditional whiteboards, dry erase walls are an increasingly popular tool for up-and-coming businesses. Fully customizable and available in a variety of shapes and sizes, these dry erase walls combine functionality with style. They give company facilities a cutting-edge look while also providing a means for corporate communication.

Companies often install dry erase walls in conference rooms to foster collaboration during meetings and to build camaraderie among employees. These dry erase walls are excellent tools for teams who frequently gather together to brainstorm ideas or finalize plans.


5. Supplementary Pieces

Wood walls, lights, fixtures, panels, and other custom-fabricated items are the finishing tools that companies use to bring their facilities to life. Supplementary pieces like these set the tone of the space. Although they may not seem to serve a specific purpose within a corporate space, they’re the glue that brings the rest of the corporate elements together in a cohesive manner. They are like the punctuation marks in the stories that companies write about their distinct personalities. They accent and complete the other visual elements that could otherwise appear disjointed and slipshod.

Bringing out your company’s corporate personality is everything! The goal is to create a space where people want to be, and not where they have to be. Remember, your environment has the ability to grow your business.

Invest in your space!