As the COVID-19 shutdown has extended longer and longer, more and more plans have had to be canceled. One of the toughest cancellations for many families has been the cancellation (or postponement) of high school and college graduations. All the traditional festivities — proms, Commencement speakers, photos with friends in your cap and gown — just aren’t an option at the moment.

But alongside the disappointment, some schools have worked overtime to come up with creative ways to celebrate their seniors despite COVID-19. A county in Virginia, for example, mobilized its high schools’ staff to adopt a senior and send each of them a gift and a note of encouragement. And the high school in our hometown of Freeland, Michigan asked ZENTX to print custom post banners to honor each of their graduates.

Celebrating Graduates with Post Banners

Designed to go on street lamps or the light posts in parking lots, post banners are a high-visibility solution for sure. With each one featuring a graduate’s name and yearbook photo, they make sure that each and every senior receives the recognition they deserve.

Photo of ZENTX printing custom post banners to celebrate graduates during COVID-19

We made sure to customize the banners with Freeland High School’s logo and signature colors, too. Once the banners go up, everyone driving through Freeland will get a glimpse of the school’s spirit and the creativity they’ve used to celebrate their graduates’ hard work.

It’s not the same as walking across the stage one by one, sure. But it still honors each graduate individually, by name, and that’s the main goal of every school’s modified celebrations right now.

How Else can Post Banners Help?

As creative as using post banners to recognize graduating seniors is, it’s far from these banners’ only application to the COVID-19 pandemic. As long as customers can’t enter a store, increasing your visibility is going to be absolutely critical.

A bright post banner seen while driving past a parking lot could remind someone that your store’s still there and might even motivate them to place an online order. And once you do have permission to reopen your physical store, you’ll want to spread that news as many ways as possible.

In the meantime, you could always use post banners to spread an encouraging message to passerby, reminding people to stay safe or thanking your town’s front-line workers. The uses are only limited by your creativity, really — and creativity is definitely something we love around here.