I’m sure you are all dying to find out who the comeback kid of 2012 is right? Well, I’m not going to drag this out forever like they do on all of those reality shows—the comeback kid of 2012 is the trade show. That’s right, now you are one of not-so-few people to know that trade shows are making their comeback in 2012. So far this year trade show attendance has been at an all-time high, which means now is the perfect time to register—especially if you’ve been debating whether or not to exhibit.

To help you make an impact while exhibiting we have compiled the top trends that you should know for 2012.


Dow Corning Lighting Booth 03

Technology Replacing Products

Technology replacing products is a top trend for 2012. The ease of use and portability of iPads and laptops has resulted in technology replacing physical products on display in exhibits. Incorporating technology into your exhibit allows exhibit staff to demonstrate new products more easily and effectively with trade show attendees. It also helps reduce shipping cost and set-up time of your exhibit.


Use of Social Media

Social media is still a top trend for 2012. Companies are connecting with attendees before the show, during the show, and after the show through Twitter, Facebook, and Linked-in. Companies are even offering at-show promotions which reward those who “check-in” at the show. Social media draws traffic to your booth while also reinforcing your brand.


Wi-Fi Hot-Spots

Offering free wi-fi in your booth is another top trend to watch. With so many of these conference centers being constructed of solid un-destructible materials its near impossible to connect to wi-fi. Companies are taking note of this and many are starting to offer free wi-fi in their booth. This is another way to draw attendees to your booth and engage them with your great exhibit and message.


Impactful Graphics

Making a statement with impactful graphics and unusual displays is another top trend for 2012. Companies understand how difficult it is to engage attendees at trade shows, so they are starting to go all out with unique graphics and out-of-the-ordinary displays. Companies are going the uncanny route because it works – they attract attendees to their booth and with the help of excellent exhibit staff keep them engaged.

Now that you’ve read the top trends for 2012 you are ready to get out there and exhibit. If you need more information or helpful tips about exhibiting contact us today at 989.695.6770 or marketing@zentx.com.