They’ve already shown up in some places (like grocery stores), and they’re about to become universal. The humble floor decal has become a powerful weapon in the efforts to maintain safety procedures and help businesses continue to serve customers.

And as more and more businesses get the go-ahead to reopen on a limited basis, floor decals will only become more important. Whether it’s showing customers how to follow a safe traffic pattern or helping people continue social distancing while standing in the checkout line, businesses will be looking for high-visibility ways to communicate their safety measures. Strips of masking tape on the floor can be easy to overlook, after all.

But beyond their necessity for keeping people safe, social distancing floor decals also present another possibility: a branding opportunity.

Custom Floor Decals?

Now, you might think that customizing your floor decals is unnecessary. And it’s true that even bland, generic floor decals are far better than no floor decals right now.

But think about it: every store out there is going to be sporting social distancing floor decals before long. A lot of them will probably have identical ones. What if your business had something more creative? People have to look at your floor decals no matter what, so why not give them something unique to look at?

Custom social distancing floor decals like the kind ZENTX can make aren’t necessarily complicated, either. Maybe it’s as simple as changing the background color to match your logo’s colors. Or even putting your logo itself at the bottom. We can tweak just about anything with them, really, and we certainly love getting creative with little details. We once customized the handrails on our stairs, after all.

So when you’re thinking about your reopening strategy, make sure “social distancing floor decals” are on that to-do list. We’d be more than happy to help you out with designing, creating, and even installing them.