Want to know what’s going on in the design world?  Well you can find out right here.  One of the great things about what we do is that we work with great designers who have diverse client bases that allow us to see what’s going on in various industries.  The trends listed below are being seen universally so take a look and see what trends you’re already following and which you should start incorporating into your next design.


Bold Colors

Expect to see a lot of bold and vibrant colors in 2013.  The color palette is wide open and designers are using colors of all ranges – even some to our surprise.  This year you will be seeing bright, bold colors everywhere and in every industry.  Designers are using bold colors because our eyes naturally gravitate towards them and their hoping the rest of their design will be good enough to draw us into their message.


Minimalist Design

We’ve all heard that less is more and designers continue to be incorporating less into their designs.  This year the minimalist trend continues.  We are seeing less content and more large-scale imagery and bigger, bolder type.  Designers and marketers both agree that simple graphics with less content results in a better overall message.


Hand Drawn Illustrations

The use of stock-images and graphics are fading away this year and being replaced with hand-drawn illustrations.  A reason designers love illustrations is because they are the purest form of craft – hand drawn.  In a world where everyone is trying to be original the hand-drawn illustration is the truest form of that.  Marketers also are quite fond of the use of illustrations in their company and product designs because it makes their company and product more personal and unique.


Vintage Feel

Making things look old gained popularity in 2012 and you are going to see more of it in 2013.  Retro type, vintage textures and old-timey photos are going to be seen throughout designs this year.  Designers are incorporating the vintage feel to stir up some old memories about the good ol’ days and pull consumers in with that emotional connection.

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