“Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”

If you’ve ever taken a road trip with small children, you’ve probably heard that refrain. Maybe you’ve even done it yourself. (It’s okay, we won’t judge.)

Well, today we’re finally at the final step of our project process — the destination, if you will. It’s where all the preceding steps come together and accomplish the final goal.

In the specific project we’ve been following, that means that this is the step where Fullerton Tool’s new office got its furnishings, decor, and customized trimmings. We can’t cover all the aspects of the installation, of course, but here’s some highlights.

Utilizing the Space

We briefly mentioned printing some vinyl last time, but here’s where that became important. The vinyl wasn’t part of another element; it was going directly on the wall to spell out Fullerton’s mission statement. We printed most of the words in white, but chose red vinyl for the most important ones.

Quote Wall

Our graphics installer applied each letter to the wall, making sure to get them in the alignment we’d marked out. When she was done, a once-plain wall in Fullerton’s group office popped out with an encouragement to the employees who’d work there. And between the text of Fullerton’s mission statement and the on-brand colors, the design was distinctively unique to Fullerton.

“High-Lighting” the Theme

When it came to the drill-bit-shaped chandeliers that we discussed last time, the install was a little more complicated. For them, we needed a lift to boost our installers up to the vaulted ceiling in Fullerton’s lobby.

Since the chandeliers themselves are about as tall as a person, they presented some challenges. There was only room for one person besides the chandelier in the lift. Nevertheless, our installers got all of them in place. With them installed, anyone glancing up would be reminded of Fullerton’s line of work (and be delighted at how unique and unexpected the chandeliers are).

Wrapping it All Up

Besides those two installs, of course, there were a host of smaller jobs. As with fabrication, our craftsmen have the skills to handle just about any type of install. We hung the wayfinding signage, added frosted vinyl to the glass walls of some conference rooms, put up more wall graphics, moved the customized tables into place, installed the timeline wall.

When the install was done, Fullerton had a creative branded space that was distinctively its own. From the colors we used throughout the office to the many nods to tool-making we included (like the chandeliers), everything worked together to make Fullerton’s interior environment seamless.

If you look back over this series — from the initial discovery meetings through planning the project and completing the designs — you’ll see the basic steps that we take with every project. Sometimes stages get omitted (a batch of floor decals doesn’t really need a proposal, for instance), but the general outline is the same. It makes sure our clients’ projects get the attention they deserve, while keeping us accountable for finishing them in a reasonable time. And it gives us a framework for tackling those big, outside-the-box ideas that we love having our clients throw at us.