I’m lost. I’m standing at a corridor of never-ending hallways and have no idea which way is the “right way” to my meeting. It seems that any possible staff have conveniently disappeared to find amusement in my frustration.  Wandering has become my occupational hazard.  Although selling signage isn’t dangerous, I often spend an abundant amount of time wandering and gambling which door houses my next meeting location.  Although it’s fine for me (a possible vendor) to make that gamble, you wouldn’t want to risk losing a customer simply because they couldn’t find your door.  That is why I’ve put together 3 simple steps to ensure customers ALWAYS get to your door.


Step 1 – Have Appropriate Signage

The first (and surprisingly most overlooked) step in getting customers to your door is simple – having appropriate signage.  Customers are never going to enter your door if you don’t have signs that tell them that you are there and want their business.  A sign placed outside the building often times isn’t enough, especially if you’re located in a building with other tenants, you also need to direct your customers throughout the building so that they can easily find you.   If you rely on a customer presence at your business you need to ensure you have appropriate signs to get them there.


Step 2 – Proper Sign Placement

Having signage isn’t enough – you also need to have the signs placed properly for customers to find you.  Sure your new sign might look amazing at this one spot on your building, but it’s not going to do any good if it faces a one-way that no one travels down.  When planning for signage, placement is a key factor.  You want to make sure that its properly placed in areas that are most visible and that work with the natural traffic flow, for both walking and vehicle.  If you place your signage in the correct spots your customers won’t have any difficulty making it to your door.


Step 3 – Legibility

Legibility of your signs is also a key factor to getting customers to your door.  What good is a sign if no one can read what it says?  It’s important to consider fonts, letter heights, and colors when deciding upon your various signage.  You want to stick with basic fonts that are easy to read, allow for appropriate height letters based an view-ability distance, and have significant contrast between the text and background colors to ensure your customers can easily read your signage and direct them to your door.

These 3 simple steps will help ensure that your customer always gets to your door.  Need more help with your signage?  Contact us today at info@zentx.com or 989.695.6770 and one of our signage experts can help you pick the proper signage and placement for your business.  Or if you want some ideas, check out our portfolio of past projects at  https://zentx.com/portfolio/.