Christine Bowerson Interview Promo

The ZENTX team is a team of problem-solvers. We pride ourselves in being able to offer creative solutions that can fix the issues our customers face. We go above and beyond to come up with designs that will help set our customers apart from the crowd. And, usually, our solutions do just the trick.

Our recent project with the Mackinac Center for Public Policy is a great example of that kind of problem-solving. It all started when our contact there approached us, asking for some creative advice on how to fill a variety of visual and functional needs in their two office buildings. Thanks to our talented team, we were able to help them out and provide solutions that fit their needs.

You got to hear some of what our Mackinac Center contact, Christine Bowerson, had to say in a recent video now on our YouTube channel. But we thought it would be fun to share the full transcript of her interview in this blog post. So keep on scrolling to read the whole thing. The interview was conducted by ZENTX sales rep Sheena Lovitos Wildenhaus.

Tell us about yourself and about the Mackinac Center. What is your role here?

My name is Christine Bowerson, and I’m the director of operations at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. The Mackinac Center is a free market think tank that advances liberty and freedom for residents of Michigan and beyond. As the director of operations, I am in charge of overseeing the building, building maintenance, [and] improvements. I also oversee the operational staff that handles the phones and guests coming into the Mackinac Center and also some of the administrative duties. We have two locations. We have our headquarters here in downtown Midland, Michigan, and we just recently opened a satellite office in Lansing, the capital.

Christine Bowerson
Christine Bowerson, Director of Operations at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy
What are the projects that ZENTX did for the Mackinac Center?

ZENTX has been amazingly wonderful to help us in our Lansing satellite office. With it being a new office, we were looking for signage on our wall, something that really represents the Mackinac Center but is also classic and timeless. ZENTX did a fabulous job coming up with that design. We also wanted to display our successes and our victories inside of our Mackinac Center satellite office. By doing that, ZENTX helped us create a timeline of the accomplishments the Mackinac Center has done along with beautiful photos of the people we represented and helped.

For our Midland office, ZENTX was wonderful in helping us with a couple issues that we had. One is, when we completely renovated our building top to bottom with paint, carpeting, and stuff, we wanted to also update some of our window coverings. And, instead of replacing heavy blinds and shades, ZENTX came up with the great idea to put in some frosted glass in our executive suite. It just looks very elegant. The light comes through it, it was just a wonderful solution to complement our building.

Also, we had an issue that we wanted to address with having a little more privacy on our exterior windows but also kind of brand us a little bit more—market us to the downtown area so people can see who we are. [ZENTX came] up with a perforated vinyl that we could put our logo on that we could see out through the windows but also have light come in and look very nice. We’ve been very pleased with the results.

Tell us about your ZENTX experience.

ZENTX has just been fabulous. Everything from coming in and sharing designs with us—work that they had done with other organizations—helping us problem solve. The whole staff from Sheena to Mark and Kathleen have been wonderful working with us, giving us samples when we’re looking at doing things like the frosted vinyl, [asking] “What’s going to work well with us?” Their turnaround time has been fabulous. We’ve just been overall pleased with ZENTX and just how great they are with coming up with new ideas, working with us, kind of getting a better understanding of who the Mackinac Center is and what we need. We’ve just been very pleased.